Last week I was lucky enough to travel to Germany for a gig in the Beautiful state of Brandenburg. The gig was in Himmelpfort at Stolpsee Boothaus (Boat House) & I performed on a stage facing the Marina, lake where the locals & residents had gathered. Some even made the 45 minute journey from Leegebruch (where I played last year!). The weather last week was uncharacteristic for the area & there had been severe rain & storms all week – Leegebruch was under 3ft of water with many homes & businesses flooded 😦 The rain in Himmelpfort had just about stopped when I took to stage at 7pm where I played a 3 hour gig.


I awoke the next day to find my visit had made the front page of German newspaper Markische Zeitung – here’s the online article

I must give a huge thanks to Frank, Simone, Thomas & Ronald for making the gig happen. Danke 🙂

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