From a young age it was clear Marc’s future was in music – having his first guitar at the age of 4! At the age of 8 his parents bought him a keyboard to have some music lessons at school and he hasn’t looked back since. By his 9th birthday Marc could not only read and write music, but had an understanding of why it worked. A piano at home soon followed… “An old Cliche, being from Liverpool but The Beatles played a massive part in my early development in music.” Marc explains, “Everyone in the music group at school would be learning ‘Greensleeves’ or ‘William Tell’ but my Mum and Dad had been out and bought me the Beatles music book, meaning I was playing ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Let it be’. I would be playing some of The Beatles songs without ever previously hearing them so when I got my first Beatles album ‘Rubber Soul’ I was hooked!”

When it came to career choices, Marc picked Art over Music… “Something I never understood and still don’t is how you can be made to pick between Art, Drama and Music. They are all creative subjects, and all joined in some way. I picked Art and almost immediately regretted not taking music but it was too late – I had to wait until college to change what I was doing. My fix for music at that time was going to the park after school with some mates, a couple of guitars and singing The Beatles and Oasis. My Dad even built a shed at the back of our garden were we used to go and rehearse almost every night – we never even played a gig.”

It was at college when Marc would play his first gig with a band. This was at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, a big step considering it is the venue so closely associated with The Beatles’ rise to fame who he had grown up idolising & would also be the place he started his career. Marc had already been playing at open mic nights in local bars singing his own material but the Cavern gig was a step up to the main stage.


Upon leaving college, Marc continued to attend open mic and jam nights whenever they were on. It was at one of these nights when Marc would have his first break. A manager in the music industry called Martin O’Shea was in the audience (who at the time was managing UK girlband, Atomic Kitten). Marc had recently won a national songwriting competition where Chris Martin (Coldplay), Steve Levine (music producer) and Harvey Goldsmith (promoter) were the judges. Martin O’Shea got wind of this and decided to check Marc out as he had another project on the go that had a vacancy for a lead singer. “I was shocked to find out what the other project was” Marc says, “it was a band called the Real People who had co-written some Oasis tracks with Noel Gallagher and produced the early Oasis mixes, which got them the deal with Creation Records. The lads were a little older than me but really took me under their wing – I learnt more from them in that one year than I had up to that point.”


After the period of working with “The Real People”, Marc found himself with the decision of whether to continue as a solo artist or form a band. Marc submitted a demo to a radio station, Juice Fm who had just started a competition looking for the ‘Next Big Thing’. He got the phone call to say he was in the final and immediately knew he wanted to do it with a band rather than on his own, so set about putting one together (with just one week to go before what would be their first gig). The new band (still without a name) clearly impressed the crowd and judges, walking away with the title as ‘The Next Big Thing’, hopefully a sign of things that were to follow.


In early 2009, Marc was approached by some producers and radio dj’s and asked to work on a new project ‘Northern Allstars’. “They were dance dj’s and they wanted to work on a dance project with me. At first I had a few apprehensions, especially as I had always stuck to my acoustic singer/songwriter roots so this was a major step out of my comfort zone. But I thought, why not? It was something fresh and completely different to anything I’d done previously and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.” The first track that they wrote and produced was ‘Rock The Dancefloor’. This went on to become a cult underground club track across the North-West of England, quickly spreading nationwide and was signed to All Around The World Records. Things started moving rapidly for the band and more releases & music videos followed shortly after.

New Year of 2010, Marc was introduced by a mutual friend to another songwriter, Gary Mahoney. “We began working on some old tracks we both though had potential to develop, but quickly moved on to writing from scratch. Gary has a very pop background and I guess I have a very indie/rock background so I think we blend really well as writers. If I’m going too dark with something Gary will bring me back, & vice-versa”. They have continued writing together & now have an extensive catalogue of songs stretching over multi-genres.


Over the past few years as the word of Marc’s talent has travelled, he has found himself being invited to do gigs across Europe – including Paris, Milan, Geneva, Sardinia, Sweden, Berlin, Tel Aviv & St Tropez. Further afield Marc has been invited to Moscow for the opening of the Bolshoi Theatre to perform at the after show party, a 3 month stint of China (where he performed an impressive 84 gigs in 93 days) & a trip to perform on the islands of Thailand.


Marc’s release “What’s it like in Liverpool?” was the first track to be taken from the new EP available on MK Records. The music video went viral in it’s first 2 week registering over 250,000 views, receiving an award in recognition for this achievement from Liverpool International Film Festival. The track was then picked up as the theme music for a new series “Liverpool’s of the U.S.A.” & used by Qantas Australia to promote Liverpool as a tourist destination. Not bad from a £10 ukulele bought while in China!


Locally, Marc has a residency at the World Famous Cavern Club on Mathew Street, Liverpool & at Liverpool Football Club performing on match days. Check out the events page for other upcoming gigs or get in touch via the contact page for bookings & enquiries.